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I create video stories and digital experiences that build audiences through innovative, technologies, integrated business intelligence, and human interactions.


Stories, promotions, explainers, and more.


Graphics, animations, studio, video engineering, and more.


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Welcome to my online portfolio. Digital storytelling is so much more than information and entertainment. When combined with innovative technology and a data driven strategy, a digital library can inspire sales, engage employees, make sense of complex issues, and solve problems. That's where I come in. I'm an award-winning digital video producer and technology manager with a drive for listening to people and communicating their stories with communities hungry to learn, be inspired, and grow to their world a little better.

Credits: Writer, director, videographer, video editor, art design, producer

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Credits: Writer, director, videographer, art design (with the exception of “day of giving title”)

An effective digital content campaign works to build comprehension and brand identity, but it should also inspire curiosity and motivate engagement with more content. Stories are particularly powerful because they help to create important relational and memory connections that build greater retention and calls to action. Designing a content strategy around quick pace and interesting story lines can also improve instructional design projects to become more engaging and more memorable.

Credits: Writer, director, videographer, art design, producer

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Professional digital producers add value by designing the most effective workflows given the costs and goals of a project. The key to a value-driven digital workflow is to maximize the time invested in creative tasks. Everyone deals with technical requirements and constraints, but simply relying on fixing problems in post-production will cut the value of the final product. This is true even if the problem can be corrected in post-production because of the loss of value added creative activities.

Improve the impact of your next project with a workflow optimized for creative activities.

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